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Top Morocco Tours: a desert trip from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca.

Top Morocco Tours: Where to go to Morocco?


If you want to make your experience in Morocco, we recommend you to include one of the Top Morocco Tours by including the Merzouga desert trip of Erg Chebbi in the southeast of Morocco. You can reach the desert from Casablanca Fez then Merzouga desert, or From Marrakech to Ouarzazate then Merzouga desert, in addition to CHegaga desert, or Zagora desert if you have enough days in Morocco.

Merzouga: is the most important and highlight place to visit in Morocco, it is the heart of the Sahara desert with a small village and green Oasis around high golden dunes. On the Merzouga desert trip, you will have unforgettable moments commencing with the camel ride in the dunes, sleeping in a traditional tent under a starry sky enjoying the sunset, and sunrise, and having the most delicious dinner in Morocco between the dunes, in addition to enjoying the dram music around the fire with local nomads…all in all, visiting Merzouga desert is one of the top Morocco Tours.

Deep Sahara Desert: If you are someone who loves adventure Days Morocco Tours offers special desert tours to the deep Sahara, away from people, enjoying off-roading rides, on flat land, between the black Atlas Mountains and dry plants passing by some little oases where we will see people living in short authentic houses and discovering the way they live.

Marrakech: is one of the best destinations that Morocco aficionados will feel in love with its captivating gardens and its old red and brown buildings, structured of colorful clay, with very large walls roofed with eucalyptus and bamboo.  Marrakech is ambivalent into two parts: the old city named by locals Medina Laqdima, or old Medina, is the classical authentic part of Marrakech that is surrounded by a faulty red wall with too many holes and towers and seventeen big gates. and new city or Guelizs as it was famed by the locals. Guelizs is a modern part with large streets, tall buildings, and decorated temples.

Fez: The old city of Fez is the most magnetic spot to see in this acculturative city, it attracts all the exploratories and culture lovers around the world to entertain various kinds of food and drinks. it is also known for its inveterate history full of stories and melodramas.

Days Morocco Tours tries its best to customize top Morocco tours and include Fes as it is one of the best destinations to Visit after the Merzouga desert. we include it in tours that start from, Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat, and even long tours from Marrakech.

Ouarzazate: nicknamed the gate of the desert trip in addition to Hollywood of Africa or Hollywood of Morocco because it noted the movie-Making city in Morocco, with its big cinema studios that attract many film producers to choose this city for filming with amazing sunny weather, also it is surrounded by many different landscapes such as black and brown Mountains, Draa valley, golden Merzouga desert, M’hamid desert, the great dam in Morocco…

Chefchaoun: is a striking city in the north of Morocco nicknamed the blue city or the blue pearl, due to its bleu-washed walls. the blue city attracts its aficionados from different parts of the world including Europeans, Americans, Asians, and Moroccans from other cities.

Top Morocco Tours
Top Morocco Tour

Morocco Atlas region: in Morocco, there are three Atla sierras: the anti-atlas with black color, and the High and Middle Atlas with brown-red color. the sierras. the high Atlas is the longest range, it extends through three countries, Toubkal is the high peak and it’s the most famous place for rock climbing and skiing in Morocco. the best things to do in the high Atlas Mountains: – visit the Todra gorges, detect the legend of the Berber villages, have an adventurous ride in the Tichka pass, and you will cross it in every Merzouga desert trip…

desert trip
desert trip

Morocco Valleys and rivers: Most of the valleys and rivers in the country start from the high Atlas Mountains, and some of them are formed by the conflux of other rivers. we always make sure to include them in our Top Tours because they are amazing, especially their formation between mountains.

Top valleys in Morocco:

top morocco tours
top morocco tours

     Draa Valley: the word Draa means the black-skinned person and it’s called Draa valley because most of the people that live around the valley are Drawa (black-skinned).  Draa valley is the longest valley in Morocco at about (1200 KM)… if you are planning to start your top Morocco tour from Marrakech don’t hesitate to include this valley.

  Dades Valley:  is one of the best-known valleys in the Atlas Mountains, it is green and encompassed by impressive eyeshots of the rock formation, that’s why Days Morocco Tours includes it in all the Top Morocco tours that pass by Marrakech.

    Todra Valley is one of the best long narrow steep valleys where you will enjoy the most impressive canyon in Morocco,  the name Todra Valley is a Berber name that means the valley of life because most of the local inhabitants depend only on agriculture in the valley…

Morocco coasts